Some Freebies & Learning Resources (28/10/2014)

Here you can find some files to exercises that I provide during my sessions.

Download KompozerPortable.paf.exe from, or from here (6.5Mb). This installation file of Kompozer v 0.77 installs itself into a folder called "KompozerPortable" and the program can be executed from within the folder: double-click on "KompozerPortable.exe".

BasicHTMLv2.htm (interactive) an online introduction to the first tags in HTML (created with Question Tools) (189kb) source files for a multipage-website exercise using FrontPage (168kb) source files for a FrontPage 2002 Tutorial (301kb) a set of (royalty free) images for use in web design exercises (220kb) source files for a very basic navigation menu in table layout (631kb) famous Screenbeans,here from the German collection (of MS Office 97) (25kb) links and pages to demonstrate how colours are displayed on the web
KompozerNote4Roy.pdf (27kb) as it says...
Wages Calculator (18kb) a small Excel program, as I couldn't find anything to suit me (can do with improvements...)
Utility Programs
Current Learning Resources